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Happy Birthday to Me !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-25-2001

Yesterday was my birthday, and a pretty lousy one at that. Months ago, The Father arranged a ‘let’s-quit-smoking-laser -therapy ‘ for himself, and decided it would be just the thing for me. So he set an appointment up for me, forgetting that it fell on my birthday.

So yesterday was the big day. It was in a large office, where everyone called each other ( warmly, of course) by their first names- a real huggy-feely sort of place. He ran some sort of laser around the edge of my ears, and then, using his fingers, pushed a couple of small needles around the ear area.

I have to admit, the jumpy feeling which was arising in me from having already gone an hour without a smoke was gone. But it’s not quite the magic potion one would think.. It’s now 19 hours later ( gee. Is that all ? Feels like an eternity), I’m very light headed and now and then obsessed with the idea of smoking, but in general, it seems to be going well.

I think I’m psychologically dependent on them as well- we shall see.

So, Happy Birthday to me !

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