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A Teckel Obsession ?

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-29-2001

Photo : The Chisholm Gallery

I have a simply dreadful confession to make- I loathe teckels ( Dachshunds). Even the sight of the beastly semi- rodents makes my skin crawl. And the feeling is mutual- teckels loathe me in return.

I only mention this, as while not quite reaching the status of ‘ nemesis’, teckels have somehow become a leit motif in my life.

So you can imagine, that if it weren’t so terribly politically incorrect, I could easily picture myself hissing at teckels in Hyde Park. Gleefully, in fact. But I can’t imagine why anyone else in their right mind would, when one would think that a german shepard ( a breed which probably was given the moniker ‘Alsatian’ at this time- wouldn’t surprise me one bit) seems the more rational target of such patriotic zeal.

I must come to the conclusion that the only reason the teckel became such an abhorrent object was – as I mentioned some time ago- because they were the Kaisers pooch of preference.

I can almost feel sorry for the little legless wieners at such unfairness, but not quite. You see, tonight, at school, I have to sit across from the woman who made this site. Ok, I cheated. But it used to be up, she did make it and she does sit across from me.

You see, they are indeed ubiquitous.

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