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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-24-2001

Tonight we had mussels for dinner, well, at least The Father and The Boy did. The Girl ( of course) doesn’t like them and I find them too aesthetically unappealing for words.

It’s only the second time I have prepared them. A few weeks ago, The Father brought a 2 kilo bag of fresh mussels home from the Albert Hein , and I thought, well, when in Rome…

All of my cookbooks are packed up because of the re-building, so I carefully read the instructions on the bag. If I found an open one, I should run cold water over it,and tap it gently against the side side of the sink. If it closed again, it was safe to eat. So, that’s what I did, not even pausing to think about it.

Once I had checked them all, I placed them in a colander and busied myself with other preparations. It was then that I heard a strange noise- the shells were clicking and moving- oh so gently. They were still alive !! I felt horrible about it, and made sure the small bit of water that they would be steamed alive in was as hot ( and hopefully as quick) as possible.

This is now a very hush-hush secret in the house- that the mussels are actually alive. Should The Boy ever discover this, we would be the new home of 2 kilos of pet mussels.

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