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The Political Dog

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-30-2001


Photo:The Dividend of Research

Walking to pick up the kids at school yesterday, I suddenly realized that Hitler’s choice of a breed of dog was probably a political decision. ‘German Shepard’. I had always just assumed he preferred dogs who sit around salivating in eagerness to obey.

Talking about it with The Father, he felt that the choice of a Teckel to represent the Germans during WWI could have had to do with the fact that it’s 1.) so dopey looking and 2.) it’s smaller than a British Bulldog and so met the needs of the propaganda machine better.

Besides giving a rather macho tint to the owner, the Shepard is the one of the few German breeds which is not related to a certain district or town.It’s a German Shepard. I never realized the symbolic nature of the pets belonging to people in power- at least back in that more fascist world. It really just wouldn’t have done for him to have, say, a poodle.

I bet Hitler never called Blondi an ‘Alsatian’.

And I think it’s a good guess that if Benito had a dog he had whippets.

Odd Links

While searching for a photo of the dynamic duo above, I ran across Find A Grave – Browse by Claim To Fame Animals. There seems to be some confusion surrounding the exact location of Ronald, Lord Cardigan’s horse. 4 places claim to have his remains, which makes me wonder if poor Ronald ended up as a batch of goulash kroketten.

C., hearing of my search, also sent me this link Dogs I have known , “By Gerry Adams, ‘a real Steve McQueen, hardcore, irredeemable, never-say-die doggie man’ – and, of course, Sinn Fein president: Match the people and their pets”, with the comment : What’s next? My money’s on ‘Living with Kittens, by Yasser

Photo edited due to hot linking.

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