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What I Do When I’m Upset

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-27-2001

I avoid life. A computer is a grand escape hatch.

A ‘Four Things’ list ( lifted from The Umbrella Stand )seems to be an amiable way to fritter away some time, which I could be using to oh, prepare for class or to clean the sprouts up for dinner.

Four things you would eat on the last day of your life:

- Pizza from Luigi’s
- Lentil Soup
- Scampi’s in ‘lok’ sauce from that place in Reusel
- A slice of any kind of American cheesecake

Four CDs from your collection that you will never get tired of:

- Neil Young’s ‘Harvest’
- Marillion’s ‘ Childhood’s End’
- Pink Floyd’s ‘ A Momentary Lapse of Reason’
- The soundtrack to the movie ‘ Philadelphia’

Four movies that made you think:

- I can never remember the names of movies. But there was a John Travolta film which reversed the roles of the races which I still think about.
- Any movie about the D-Day landings .

Four celebrities you would have sex with:

- Mel Gibson, but only with his blue paint
- Sean Connery
- Michael Palin
- George Harrison

Four causes that you would donate to if you won the lottery:

- To a local group of nuns who do missionary work in deepest, darkest Africa.
- To the Dierenambulance
- To the Sint Jan ( for restorations)
- To any place helping children/ infants with Aids.

Four vacations you have taken:

- Driving / camping along the entire coast of Scotland
- Renting a farmhouse just outside of Viareggio, Italy. Which we do every year.
- A long weekend getaway to London, the first time Han and I have been ‘childless’ in 9 years.
- A weekend in Brugge, visiting the most depressing and impressive city in the world- Ypres

Four songs you get stuck in your head frequently:

Four things you’d like to learn:

- To drive a car
- More of the history of our town ( and our house)
- How to make a really good pizza.
- How I got that worm in my computer.

Four beverages you drink frequently:

-Spa Red
-White Wine
- Beer

Four TV shows that were on when you were a kid:

- Bonanza
- Combat
- The Brady Bunch
- Lost in Space

Four places to go in your town:

- The Dikes
- The Harbor
- The Shoarma place
- The restaurant ‘ In de Verdwaalde Koogel ‘

Four things to do when you’re bored:

- Smoke
- Cut off split ends, one by one
- Drift around Ebay
- Kid around with Catherine

Four things that never fail to cheer you up:

- Going out to dinner
- Money ( God, I’m really shallow)
- The Baby’s laughter
- Hearing from Sgt. Rock

Hmmmm. I could waste even more time by trying to find links to some of these things.

It is a thought.

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