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Het Meisje van Nulde

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-12-2001

Today, the remains of Rowena Rikkers are being buried. Her murder is doubly lugubrious, as not only was she hacked into pieces but her mother seems to be involved in some way.

In late August of this year, a portion of the torso of an unidentified girl, of about 4, was found at Nulde Beach, by Putten. A bit later, her head was found in the Nieuwe Waterweg by Hoek van Holland, and a hand in Harderwijk.

All attempts to match these remains to children reported as missing were in vain. Finally, Dr Caroline Wilkinson over from Great Britain, attempted to reconstruct ( from the remains) the face of the little girl.

Shorty after the photos of this reconstruction were published in the media, the little girl was identified as Rowena Rikkers, who must have died very shortly before her 5th birthday. She was never reported as missing, her schools were told that her family was moving, and her mother, her little sister and the mother’s partner ( said to have a violent history) are gone without a trace.

A sad case in every way. Taken from today’s Brabants Dagblad.

  1. pfnorm Said,

    What’s the finished reconstruction actually-look like, you mentioned the tiny girl have died very shortly before her 5th year; and it was the-work of Dr. Caroline Wilkinson, what is the link

  2. sue Said,

    I wonder why you ask, but here is one ( text in Dutch, photos universal):

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