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Two Down, Two to Go

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-1-2002

Walking home from The Baby’s school this morning, I realized that I probably wouldn’t be watching the wedding tomorrow after all ( did you know, as an aside, that the police have all received spanking new thermal underwear for the occasion ?). We will be toodling over to Kaatsheuvel to look for a new kitchen table, and, if I can find an empty bed around here somewhere, I shall most likely take a nap.

Of course, the first few pages of this morning’s paper were devoted to the upcoming event , that’s how I know about the underwear and that it is going to cost 15 million Euro to host this event.

I have to admit, Maxima always looks like she is having a whale of a time. I wonder if her cheeks ever hurt ? I also wondered, on my walk, if royalty has some secret protocol around that marriage material has to go through before being presented to the public, like having all of their teeth capped, or something.

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