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U Moet Wassen !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-10-2002

note : buy stain remover

Today I went out and bought a jumbo sized bottle of ‘Shout’ : yes, it is once again my turn to wash the uniforms from The Boy’s football team. They have a game tonight. If you check the link to the ‘Herptse Boys’, you will see that The Boy’s team is in last place. Yes, they lost again last Saturday. My mission will be to get those pearly white shorts white again by this Saturday.

Yesterday, as usual, The Baby and I went to pick up The Boy and The Girl from school. We were standing around, letting The Baby climb on the monkey bars for a few minutes after school when Ed’s mother came up to me. I guess, now that Bart and his family have moved to the south of France, that Ed is The Boy’s best friend ( although I could be wrong, they don’t seem to have exchanged rings or taken blood vows or whatever tribal ritual may exist to mark boys as ‘best friends’ ). Ed is on the football team with The Boy.

Ed comes from a very complicated family. I’ve picked up enough pieces here and there to know that : 1. I don’t want to know anymore than I do and 2. the story could quite possibly be developed into a successful made-for-TV film, with a title reminiscent of ‘ A Baby for Jenny’. Ed’s mother works part time, and once in a blue-moon, when all of her complicated baby-sitter options have fallen through, she asks if I could watch Ed for the afternoon. I always say yes. I’m building up a supply of mommy tit-for-tats. Plus I like Ed fine.

Such was the case yesterday. She came up and asked if Ed could spend Wednesday afternoon with us. She mentioned that Ed would be joining The Boy’s physical therapy class ( which meets at the school on Wednesdays at 12.15), so they would have the same schedule. I said sure, and then realized that The Girl’s party was the same day. The Girl simply invited Ed to come as well. Fine with me. We don’t do ‘in-house’ parties. With my fumbling dutch, The Father always takes care of the parties- taking the kids to a zoo or something. So, sure, Ed can come.

The Boy’s physical therapy class is for children who are behind in either their gross or fine motor skills or both, as in The Boy’s case. The Boy, so I have been told, has a left-right handed conflict, as well as a funny way of holding his neck which effects his balance. I can believe all of this. I live with the boy. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he broke his arm one day picking his nose.

Walking home from school, I chatted a bit with The Boy. ‘That’s nice. Ed is going to be in your class with Ms. Jose. Isn’t there someone else from your football team in Ms.Jose’s class ? ‘.

There are 8 children on The Boy’s football team, 2 girls and 6 boys. Of the six boys, 4 are in The Boy’s physical therapy class. Including both boys who function as the goalie.

I think that there might be a Disney film in this somewhere.

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