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Hup, Duitsland !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-31-2002

Go Germany !

There is no way around it : Go Germany !

We are not going to be there this summer. But does this mean that we will follow the games of the WK with bitter frustration, mindlessly tipping Argentina as the champion and trying to fill the empty void with Japanese nuts ? Of course not ! There is a national team that we dislike, but which is there when the people call : Die National Mannschaft. The Germans had a turbulent series of qualifying games behind them, but they kept their noses to the grindstone ( and not with Nandrolon or Kira Eggers!). They qualified through a fine mentality and character. And because these are exactly the qualities which our football millionaires so glaringly lack, our support during this WK goes to Germany. First of all, what is a better punishment for our group of second rate circus entertainers than to embrace the arch-enemy lovingly ? And secondly, why in God’s name should we root for Belgium ? And thirdly, the Germans aren’t such bad apples and if you still have your doubts we will erase them in the coming months.

Hup Duitsland encourages the dutch to root for the Germans during the WK. Also available at this site is the official Hup Duitsland loser t-shirt. This shirt is available with the name of your choice printed on the front ( the example shown has Davids), and the word loser and the number 0 printed on the back.

I guess that it is one way to spark interest here in the WK.

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