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Peace in the Valley

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-22-2002

Just back from biking The Baby to school. I had thought about just skipping it, as it is raining and I imagined the roads would be treacherous, but she enjoys it so much that I decided to brave the elements. One of her teachers, Nora, saw The Girl yesterday and told me that things were going very well – with the lovely weather, all of the children had gone swimming in a little lake and The Girl seemed to be having a very nice time.

The Baby’s other teacher, Chrisly ( who is The Boy’s soccer coach as well), told me there would be no training on Thursday ( there was supposed to be a training on Thursday ?) and no game on Saturday. Fine with me.

Home again to find The Boy is still asleep. It’s so quite here, without Fox Kids or Holland 3 blasting away on the TV – I don’t even want to put on any music, just enjoy the hum of the computer and the sounds of the birds.

When I was a teenager, we always had a big aquarium of fancy tailed guppies. Dad used to call it our polish color TV, as Mom and I would just sit and stare at the fish for long periods of time. I do that now with the tadpoles, just hang over their plastic tub and watch them. Yesterday, I moved them from the fancy glass bowl ( with much trepidation : I was sure one of them would wriggle out of the soup ladle and die- just simply die- on the floor before I could get it back into the water) into their ugly plastic tub and gave them fresh water. Unfortunately, The Boy decided that they looked hungry and gave them enough food to sate Moby Dick, so I had to refresh the water again this morning. It is still looking cloudy, though, so I will probably have to clean it up a few more times. ( Here a voice in my head is saying ‘These are tadpoles. They live in mud puddles- they are not exotic, tropical fish that have to be tended with care.’)

I spent a lot of time watching them yesterday. They all have back legs now, but only one seems to have any control over them . As this is one of the smaller tadpoles, I tend to think it this one as a ‘she’. She can bend her legs and can push herself a bit, while the legs of the other tadpoles just stream behind them, like banners floating in the air . They also nap ( ok, shoot me, sure they nap, but I’ve never seen it before), laying on the bottom of the tub, their eyes slowly close, then open again half way and slowly close again.

How am I ever going to let them into the wild again ( assuming The Boy’s over-feeding doesn’t do them in ?), where Herons are waiting to gobble them up ?

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