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Classic Mom-ism’s

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-1-2002

Does anybody really believe that an EMT gives a hoot about the state of your underwear ?

Yes, last night we watched ER. Lately, as I’ve been watching it, that classic Mother’s caution has been coming to mind : That one must always be wearing neat, un-holey underwear as you never know when you might be in an accident. Really, what would the hospital personnel think ?

Sometimes I wander down that one.

Elizabeth : Call Dr. Green, STAT ! Better get Benton as well.
( Benton and Green arrive, slightly out of breath)
Elizabeth : Look- look at this underwear ! Have you ever seen such a shredded panty ? And that bra… it’s beyond repair.
( all three have a marked look of disgust on their faces as they walk away from the patient, snapping off their latex gloves.)

Right. Sadly, I heard myself passing on that gem to The Girl the other day ” Girl, throw those underpants away ! They’ve got holes in them. Really, what if you are ever in an accident ?

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