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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-10-2002

Right now, I’m reading Byron’s Daughter, by Catherine Turney :

A Biography Of Elizabeth Medora Leigh. The first full biography of Elisabeth Medora Leigh – Libby – the daughter from Byron’s passionate affair with his half-sister Augusta. Illus. in B&W.

Going through the Bohemia Books site, I see a number of books which catch my fancy :

WESTBROOK , Robert .Intimate Lies:F.Scott Fitzgerald & Sheila Graham: Her Son’s Story. Related by Graham’s son, Robert Westbrook, this is a remarkable love story. Making use of the papers, notes, diaries and correspondence Sheila bequeathed him with a view to writing the full story – the power of her own account, the fifties bestseller ‘Beloved Infidel’, suffered from the constraints of the era’s moral codes – Westbrook compellingly re-creates Fitzgerald and Graham’s turbulent romance.

BRUCCOLI , Matthew J .Scott And Ernest:The Authority of Failure and the Authority of Success. A rich account of the relationship between two of the brightest literary figures during the 1920s and 1930s – Ernest Hemingway and F.Scott Fitzgerald. This volume sets the record straight with respect to names, places and dates and also provides psychological profiles of these two great American writers. It examines their correspondence and traces the patterns which ran through their friendship and estrangement. Illus. in B&W.

ERLICH , Gloria C. .The Sexual Education Of Edith Wharton. A fascinating exploration of the effects of surrogate mothering on the life and work of Edith Wharton. It challenges certain contemporary assumptions about the infinite flexibility of the mother-infant bond and intermeshes her imaginative fictional accounts with her actual history of marriage, sexual awakening, friendship and female attachments. The author shows Wharton’s sexual education evolved from her early attachment to her nursemaid, a woman she preferred over her aloof socialite mother, and how her father’s literary collection provided her a ‘secret garden’ where sexual and creative impulses could flow together. Illus. in B&W.

ISHERWOOD , Christopher .Kathleen And Frank:The Autobiography Of A Family. The story of the author’s mother and father and of the life they shared during the long Edwardian summer that was to end with the First Great War. The story is told through letters and his mother – Kathleen Isherwood’s diary and reflects the lifestyle of the leisured class that officered the British Army and the self-confidence of the Victorian Empire. The tone of English life is mirrored in the romanticism, snobbery, sense of duty and attitudes in the upper branches of the civil service as well as accounts of the many events occurring during the early years of the 20th century. Illus. in B&W.

JUDD , Alan .Ford Madox Ford. Ford Madox Ford produced eighty-two books, edited two very influential magazines, discovered Lawrence, patronized Pound, publicized Joyce, employed Hemingway and collaborated with Conrad. Yet apart from the ‘Good Soldier’ and ‘Parade’s End’, this extraordinary man is hardly known today. In this wonderful biography this half-forgotten man of letters is finally brought into the spotlight and given an excellent and well deserved treatment by a biographer keen to expose his hero to readers who may have passed him by. A great read. Illus. in B&W.

Can you tell that I grew up in a house filled with movie magazines ?

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