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So let it be written. So let it be done

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-29-2002

Well, I was in quite the hissy fit yesterday. But of course, it was only here on the computer. Whether I’m dropping toads and lizards out of my mouth or doing a mean Shirley Temple routine here, day to day life continues as usual : kids to be picked up, shopping to be done, directions to the Vismarkt to be given to strangers, a pleasant demeanor to be maintained throughout. But by dinner time the last vestiges of my foul humors were blown away. I had fun at dinner.

First off, we had schnitzel for dinner. I make a very good schnitzel and it is one of the few things that everyone likes- even The Girl. The Girl is a very picky eater and I am sure would much prefer to live on potatoes and applesauce alone. So most dinners include those agonizing nag fests of ‘eat your dinner’ ( nibble), ‘Girl!’ ( gnaw). But she likes schnitzel, so no nagging yesterday.

During dinner there is no TV or reading at the table allowed. The Baby and I sit on one side of the table, The Boy , The Father and The Girl on the other. Usually we do the ‘what did you do today’ routine, where everyone ( including – with much prompting- The Baby) tells what they did that day, but yesterday was report card day, so instead we went over The Boy’s and The Girl’s report cards. First let me say this : we have perfectly normal kids. We don’t lose sleep at night pondering over whether or not to send them to schools for gifted children. I’m sure that this is because I never read enough to them. So The Boy’s report card was still surprisingly good, a wee slump here and there but all and all something to be proud of. The Girl had brought her grades up quite a bit and deserved praise as well. For a while she was very unhappy in her class ( known as the rowdiest in her school), but since she has become involved in scouts , school doesn’t seem to annoy her as much as it did before. She’s happier. Her teacher had suggested that we might want to hold her back a year, simply to get her out of that group, but we have decided against that so The Girl will be moving into group 6 ( 4th grade ).

The moments after dinner are sometimes used to reinforce certain house rules that the kids have been abusing. I have our classic authority figure with me ( The Father) to back me up and help get things back in line. The Girl and The Boy were clearing the table last night, The Girl just reaching for my plate when The Father said he wanted to clear up a thing or two with ‘the girls’ ( meaning The Girl and me). The Girl paused, and as The Father began to speak , I found my two forefingers creeping up to my lower eyelids and pulling them down, my two pinkies pushing my nose up, I began to sway from side to side slowly- in short, the classic Lon Chaney Phantom of the Opera face. Without missing a beat, The Girl joined me and together we respectfully listened to The Father, faces contorted, gently swaying from side to side. He was able to go on for about two more sentences, reminding us to screw on the cap of the peanut butter jar- tightly- before we all just broke into laughter- even The Father.

We finished the evening by watching ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ with The Boy and The Girl.

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