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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-11-2002

I’m sure that publishing in the past is really very, very simple, but my plate of computer woes is full today so I shall figure that one out another time.

In the morning, as I was brushing The Girl’s hair, I asked her just what exactly did she mean by the words ‘ going steady’ . ‘ I don’t know’. ‘Well, is anything different now, do you do anything differently ?’- ‘No.’

At 5, when she came home from playing, she brought me a gift : an old applesauce jar brimming with – yes – toadpoles.

Should you ever stop by, you now know the way to my heart.

Romance in the Air

The Girl came bursting in the door at 5 with exciting news : she has been ‘going steady’ ( this is my translation of the dutch word that she used) now for one week.

‘Oh, really ?’ I replied ( I do take good advice to heart), ‘that’s nice’.

Thar She Blows

The Girl in Sienna

I blew up today at The Girl. These days, I really try to watch it as it seems that if I don’t, I’m always nagging her . ‘Hang up your coat’ ,’Put your dish in the kitchen’ ,’ Stop yelling’, but today I just lost it.

Last week , she went back to her touchy-feely doctor. A year or so ago, we decided to try an alternate route for dealing with her eczema. Since she was an infant, she has been treated for it in one of the best pediatric dermatology clinics in the Netherlands, but nothing has really helped. Like me, she has multiple allergies. We thought, well, why not give ‘alternative medicine’ a go.

She goes about once every 6 weeks , bringing home bottles of drops and different tubes of homeopathic creams. And I have faced the daily fist fight of having to make her take her drops and use her creams. Last week, the great wizard decided that The Girl’s problems are actually between her ears and gave her a bottle of eensy-weensy pills – of which she must take one a week- and a bottle of gel capsules- of which she must take a half of a pill per day.

So today I opened the gel capsule, divided the powdery contents in half and sprinkled her daily dose over a tiny piece of bread smothered with apricot jam. We have both told her that if she doesn’t take her ‘meds’ , we are not going back to the wizard again. This is it. I brought it over to her at lunch time, saying ‘Your medicine is in here’. She pulled a face like I had just presented her with an appetizer of live maggots on rye toast.

I could feel that she was going to draw this out, so I flipped off the TV, hoping that the desire to watch it would speed her up. “Come on Girl’. I sat down in a chair next to her, not trusting her to eat it if I left the room. She raised the vile morsel to her lips, and oh-so-carefully nibbled off the tiniest bit of crust. ‘Girl, you are beginning to make me angry’. Her eyes sparkled as she inhaled another crumb.”You know, Girl, I’ve seen you wolf down your entire dinner in three minutes, just so you could watch a show on TV- just get it over with”. She responded with a ladylike gnaw, retaining eye contact with me the whole time. And I lost it. I grabbed the bread away from her, threw it on the floor , saying ‘Don’t take it. I could care less, but don’t think we are going back to the wizard again’. And I stomped out of the kitchen.

It had actually fallen on a chair, and she followed me into the living room, the whole morsel in her mouth, ‘See ? I’m taking it.’

And tomorrow, I get to repeat the whole thing again.

I know, I’m supposed to be the adult here.

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