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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jul-20-2002

The Father can’t deal with heat very well, in fact, he is one of those people who begins to stream sweat when simply eating chili. Once the temperature goes up over 30 he begins to experience extreme discomfort – you know , turns white, gets light headed, all of that sort of thing. Once we went on a day trip to Rome where it turned out to be about 34 degrees of mugginess and we periodically had to take breaks in our tour to dunk him in an ice cold bath at Dad’s hotel. He was a sad, sad sight and I felt very , very sorry for him.

So The Father had a very hard time of it in Florida, where the temperature wavered between 37 and 40 degrees the whole time we where there. After flash frying himself the first day on the beach, The Father was only seen sprinting from one air-conditioned area to another for the rest of the trip. During the Happy Hour at the hotel, bathed in cool air, Dad began talking about next summer’s trip. He would love for us to go to Hawaii with him for a week. He explained to The Father that the weather there was nothing like this, it was pleasant in fact, around 80 during the day. Sounded fine to us.

Last night The Father, Mary Ann and Dad were sitting around talking while I was doing some totally forgettable type of mommy thing- maybe I was changing a diaper or nagging a small child. Whatever it was is lost to to posterity. As I was doing whatever it was I was doing, I was listening in on their conversation.

The Father was telling Mary Ann how unbearable he found the weather down in Florida and that maybe next year we would go to Hawaii, where Dad had assured us the weather was more tolerable. Mary Ann looked at Dad and then at The Father and proceeded to tell The Father that when the Trade Winds weren’t blowing, Hawaii made Florida seem cool. Rather sheepishly ( this is a very Dad thing to have done : all during our swims in Florida he assured me that there was no danger from sharks, only to tell me a lurid shark story , complete with a small boy, his uncle, a chomped off arm and a lump of ice at this very area the moment we had finished our last swim) Dad suggested we think of other places in the States that might be interesting to see in the Summer months.

And then The Fathersuggested, in a very casual way ‘ Perhaps Death Valley ?’

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