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Ach, Du !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-7-2002

One of the things I have never been able to figure out is what size bra I wear in metric. I have about 5 different sizes upstairs in my drawer and not one of them fits right : I either look like an Elizabethan Dame wearing a chest- board or a rather shabbily dressed Sharpei.

While I did go to Wal*Mart almost every day while I was in the States, I also was a regular attendee of the Penney’s end-of-summer sales. Where you would have found me standing in the lingerie department oh-me-oh-mying for at least a half an hour, trying to guess what size I was. ‘Gee, that looks a bit small’ ( glancing down my t-shirt), ‘ But that looks mighty hefty ‘( taking another glance south). And even though there were no men in that oh-so-discrete department at the time, I simply couldn’t bring myself to actually take one of the multitude of spanking new bras and hold it up to myself. So I guessed.

And I seem to have guessed right. My, my ! I feel positively Bavarian , able to carry 10 steins of beer at a time. Life’s simple pleasures.

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