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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-4-2002

A short time before I left, there was a Friday Five which asked how many places have you lived in. I filled it in, and for days- maybe even weeks – afterwards a forgotten place would pop into my mind- a how-could-I- forget-that-one place. Although I have been home for mere hours, Ajax is on TV until 11pm and The Father does have his priorities straight.

Yes, I am bored. Even my stats are down. Reading one’s stats can be amusing, when all else fails. So I am going to put a list of places that I have lived here- hey, it’s my space- as I fear brain rot is setting in and I really would like to know just how many places I have called home ( although I was raised to believe that ‘Home is where you hang your hat’.Really)

I shall probably spend a few days on this.

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Muenchweiler, Germany
San Antonio, Texas
Somewhere, Minnesota
Selfridge AFB, Michigan
Frankfurt, Germany
Omaha, Nebraska
Bangkok, Thailand
- Soi 71
- Soi 63
Concord, Mass.
Hanscom AFB, Mass.
Northampton, Mass.
Acton, Mass.
Madison, New Jersey
Tilburg, The Netherlands
- Goirkestraat
- Reeshof

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