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A Red Letter Day

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-15-2002

There are a zillion kids out there that get straight A’s. I know that this is true, because each and every mother of one of these wee geniuses has told me so. Mothers like to brag about their children’s A’s. I myself am about to do so.

So, there are a zillion kids out there who get straight A’s, but The Girl isn’t one of them. So we were all mighty proud when she aced her test on the provinces of the Netherlands. The Girl received her first 10.

She has also received a number of 8′s and 9′s for her dictations, which sort of tells us that we made the right choice in not holding her back for a year in school. The other day I was chatting with the jeweler’s wife. Her son is in The Girl’s class, has been since they went to nursery school together. She recalled that last year her son would come home totally stressed out from school, his stomach in knots. She wondered if perhaps the problem with ‘the rowdiest class in the school’ was the teacher, as so far- knock on wood- the two new teachers that the kids have this year seem to be keeping things under control. Oh, The Girl can always find something to complain about, but I’m not hearing tales of screech fests anymore.

She is still very weak in Math so this week I’m going over to talk to her teacher about what it is that they are doing at the moment. Every time I ask The Girl, she bursts out in sputtering so that I really can’t tell if they are doing fractions or division or what. I don’t know if I can help at all, as so far the school has used very bizarre and complicated ways to teach Math. But I must do my maternal duty and ask.

The other night she borrowed The Boy’s animal encyclopedia, in order to look up the correct spelling of various animal’s names in English. She is very determined to be simply the best in English and her teachers ( as they put it) are not about to let her sit around, picking her nose, as the other children are learning their colors in English. They have her reading a Roald Dahl book, which is simply larded with cockney slang. This led to her customized assignment last week : she had to come up with ten sets of words that meant different things in British-English/ American-English, you know, like cookie/biscuit, muffler/exhaust pipe, flat/apartment. Once a week, the children work together in groups on their English and The Girl makes sure that her group has the best supply of pictures and texts in English ( thank you, National Geographic).

This is the first time I have ever seen her really motivated and positive about school, determined and self-confidant.

I hope that she stays this way.

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