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Granny’s Glasses

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-13-2002

I just got back from shopping in the big city and had a fine time. I rarely get a chance to go there and when I do- even if it is just to stock up on kid’s clothes, like today- I always enjoy it. It’s quite sunny today, so I could get away with wearing my sunglasses without looking like a fool and I love watching the world behind the privacy of my sunglasses.

The Father is home today. He is between trips, having just returned from 2 days in Denmark and he be will off again on Monday for a two week trip to Asia. Today was a ‘guilt day’, a day he can usually take off without anyone saying anything. Having a family company has it’s advantages. So, he gave The Baby a ride to school, we did some shopping, picked Baby up again at 11 and then he dropped me off by the train station. He was rather surprised to hear that I estimated that I would be home by 1.15-1.30. I then explained that that was about how long it took me to buy as much as I can carry when I’m taking the bus home.

So, there I was on the 1.10 bus, looking like the family donkey with all of my parcels and bags. The bus was loaded with kids from either High School or College- I don’t know, they all looked about 18 to me, filling the seats and the aisle of the bus. It’s about a 20 minute ride, so to pass the time I looked around the crowd from behind the safety of my sunglasses. Hmmm. I wonder which one I would have gone for, back when I was 18. It didn’t take me long to find him, one of those rather androgynous Chatterton types I used to have a weakness for. He was dressed like a refugee from Woodstock and had wonderful hair- sort of like Jim Morrison’s in the lion photo. One got used to the lavender streaks surprisingly quickly. He wore no watch and had a number of braided yarn bracelets as well as a small cat collar- complete with silver colored bell- around each wrist. I enjoyed watching him. He was surely someone I would have loved to have ogled when I was 18 and never would have. Nope, God forbid he would notice, then I would have simply died from shame. But sitting there on the bus, a rather grandmotherly looking woman wearing sunglasses, I could look to my heart’s content. It was rather a novel experience.

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