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Normen en Waarden

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-20-2002

I miss The Father. Yesterday there was an article in the Dagblad which has left me rather puzzled. It seems that Balkenende wanted to set up a commission on norms and values but that idea has been shot down.

I find myself wondering just exactly what was this commission supposed to do ? It seems to be the general consensus that the weakening of the traditional norms and values is causing some of the problems that the Netherlands is experiencing ( at least, that is what all of the politicians are saying). Was it going to investigate what was causing this ? Make a catalogue of what these norms and values are ( or should that be : were) ? I find myself very curious.

I always find discussions on this topic very interesting, as it is so easy to blame it all on Mom.

( Get back to your kitchen )

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