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Soda Pop

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-18-2002

Since the earliest research into the the English Language as spoken in North America was begun by Noah Webster in the early 18th century, the regional variations in dialect have always been the most challenging and difficult to explain field. Since the development of carbonated beverage in 1886, one of linguistic geography’s most important and least investigated phenomena has been the sharp regional divisions in the use of the terms “pop” and “soda.”

from the pop vs soda page

I love this kind of stuff. What do you call your carbonated beverage, you know, what do you call out to whomever is in the kitchen ? “Could you bring me a soda “?, “..a coke ” ?, “…some pop “?. Check out the big map

I myself say ‘soda’ most of the time, or ‘coke’- even though I never actually drink Coke. I drink a mix of Spa Rood and Fanta.

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