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Fathers’ Knees

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-16-2002

The Girl was the first grandchild for both my parents and The Father’s parents. The birth of the first grandchild seems to be one of those ‘milestones’ in a person’s life, as both of the spanking new Grandfathers became uncharacteristically revealing of themselves.

They aren’t dissimilar men, in fact, if they had a common language between them, I do believe that they would be great friends. Not that they aren’t friendly with each other, but- well, without a common language, things are rather limited. They are both self- made men, rags-to-comfy, with a deep interest in military history. The Father and I both grew up visiting the same battlefields.

And at some point, as each of the proud Grandpas held the new baby, they confessed that they had one major regret in their life : that they missed so much of their children growing up. They turned around, and the house was empty.

The Father and I listened to these words very carefully, and said that we would avoid voicing these same regrets one day.

  1. David Said,

    Good for you for listening. It happens all too easily if you are not constantly vigilant.

  2. sue Said,

    I always believe statements like that and never forget them. In fact, having both of them say it rather spooked me, and made me realise what a passing happiness this all is.

    Soon I’ll be grumbling about not getting phone calls on my birthday. I hate to think of that day.

    It is the foul weather today, I’m sure.

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