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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-23-2002

Every Fall there comes a point when I change our menu : we go from ‘Summer ‘ to ‘ Winter’ food. This usually means that I start serving up a lot more food from the ‘ Dutch Kitchen’, meals including ‘Stamppot’ ( seasonal vegetables mashed through potatoes), Brussels Sprouts, thick soups and lots of kale and smoked sausages.

We have reached that point and today had an onion soup. I make a decent onion soup, or rather, I rarely screw it up and everybody likes it fine. So we are all sitting around the table, our bowls of soup in front of us, a slab of brown bread all around. Then we start our usual round of ‘ And how was your day ? ‘. Today I kicked it off.

‘You know Father, The Girl had a strange day the other day. One of the workers whistled at her ‘ .

The Father gave me a blank look. I waved my hand towards the kitchen window, to the church beyond and said , ‘ You know, the ones putting the new roof on the church’.

Then The Girl took over, and told The Father what had happened. When she had finished, The Father asked her if the man was still working there.


‘ I’m going over there in the morning to talk to him ‘. Right then I wondered how I ever could have doubted what The Father’s reaction would be. The look on his face made it clear that he would love to give that lech a Linda Blair neck twist and wouldn’t think twice about it.

There are advantages, I can see, in being 6’4, 200 plus pounds and having shoulders like a football player. There are advantages in being proficient in the language of the country that you live in.

I can picture myself stomping over to the base of the 13th century church, all 5’2 of me, planting my hands on my hips and calling up to the workers on the roof : ‘ Hey ! You ! Worky man in roof church ! I hear you talk naughty my wee girlie . Me no like. You stop, hear you me ? ‘. I think The Father will be much more effective.

  1. David Said,

    Funny, so, you are!

  2. kismet Said,

    sue, I am pretty sure you totally understate your dutch abilities. :P

  3. Marjan Said,

    And? What happened? Did Han talk to the guy??
    Waiting impatiently here. btw Gerbrand thought the guy crossed the line too, Sally is way too young!

  4. sue Said,

    Marjan- I won’t know until this evening- Han was gone before I got up ( 8). Vacations do have some plus points !

  5. Marjan Said,


  6. Catherine Said,

    Hey you – happy birthday!

  7. sue Said,

    Thank you, you !!!

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