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Hey ! You !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-25-2002

  1. Marjan Said,

    Did Han get to talk to him?

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. sue Said,

    No ! With everyone away in Italy, he’s been leaving extra early and returning home extra late ! Pooh ! He hasn’t spotted the crew yet.

    I’m having a great weekend : no football, no scouts, I’m going to the big city and shop, shop, shop.

    Ok, it’s only for the usual, kids clothes, but I love Den Bosch.

    Hope you have a good one as well.

  3. Marjan Said,

    Oh! I love Den Bosch too. Eat a Bossche Bol for me will you?

  4. Catherine Said,

    I dread to think what a bossche bol is – do be careful won’t you. Have a lovely weekend,

  5. sue Said,

    Oh, Catherine ! They were made with you in mind, I do believe : a softball sized cream puff covered with a chocolate glaze ! Makes my teeth crack just to think about them.

    Are Callums birthdays finally over ? Is there a peaceful weekend in sight ?

  6. Catherine Said,

    Oh! Sorry Marjan! They sound gooooood.

    Over? Fat chance! Auntie Beth is travelling from the South to pay homage to the birthday boy this weekend, but it’ll be a walk in the park compared to last weekend.

    No, next weekend will be the first non-birthday weekend since September. I know what’ll happen – ‘Oh I wish it could be Christmas todaaaaay (mope, huff, whine)’.

    Have a lovely time,


  7. Marjan Said,

    Am I ever going to outlive that salmiak-incident ;-) ??

    Good luck at yet another birthdayparty Catherine.

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