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Mr.T., Mr.Jo

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-15-2002

Mummy Dearest : I managed to straighten out my computer.

The Father : ( Blank look)

Mummy Dearest : I sent you an email about it .

The Father : I didn’t read your emails.

Mummy Dearest: I love you too .

The Father had to work late last night. I was sitting downstairs, working on The Boy’s quilt, when I heard a key tapping on the window behind me : it was T.. He had come to pick up his boxes. When T. divorced and subsequently moved in to a very charming, very tiny place in The Big City, we provided shelter for a lot of his things. For the last year- well, since the rebuilding started- his boxes have really been in our way, and as Mr. Jo begins work on the third floor on Thursday, the boxes had to go.

I opened the door, offered him a beer and told him that I wasn’t going to help him. Those boxes weigh a zillion pounds each, plus I was in a long dress. Nope, he was on his own. We chatted for a bit, talking about his latest trip and then he headed upstairs. I went back to my sewing. I’ve been shuffling those boxes of his around long enough, it’s his turn.

But even with his boxes gone, Mr. Jo informed me this morning, there was still too much stuff in the open area upstairs, so Jo will have to move the girls into one bedroom, and use the other as his work room. I know that this isn’t going to work out, and most likely The Baby will end up in our room again, until the third floor is done.

What is left to do up there ? Well, Jo will be building a wall-to-wall system of book shelves and cupboard- like elements in each room. Then all of the wood work in the two bedrooms has to be stained and varnished or painted. Then he is building a full bath up there as well as creating a large, open ‘playroom’ . That mostly involves putting in a new floor, some bookshelves and knocking out a small portion of one wall and a door.

My guess ? Three months. Let’s see how far off I am.

  1. Catherine Said,

    Quilting in a long dress – do you live in a little house on a prairie by any chance?

  2. sue Said,

    Disgraceful, I know. The next thing you know, I will buy an apron. One with checks and ducks on it. Ducks with bows around their necks.

    So, Callum starts French today ? Is it an all day, school sort of thing, or a prim Mistress with her hair in a bun and a ruler in her hand type of lesson ?

  3. kismet Said,

    Sue, you are far more patient than I am. Months of drilling, hammering, and what have you are not something I could put up with.

  4. Catherine Said,

    I imagine the 50 minutes of french will be much like any other part of the day, just bouncing about the place making mischief, except that the lady trying to make herself heard will be doing so in french. A good thing though – in the UK we tend to start kids off with foreign languages at eleven, just when they are getting all self-conscious. Daft.

  5. sue Said,

    kim, I spend an enormous amount of energy every day just trying not to think about it. Not how it is now, not how it will be one day. I just don’t think about it.

  6. Sue Said,

    Tell me, Catherine, will you help him with his homework ? You coul dhave fun teaching him French- you know the vocab I’ve passed on to ours ! ‘You, you brute ! You cad ! ‘.

  7. Catherine Said,

    The problem is that if I muck about in French, I’ll just get it wrong. No, we’ll stick to messing up his English – the child says ‘that’s my boy’ every time he farts.

  8. sue Said,

    And I’m sure that he is not parroting you ! Naughty you-know-who.

    Computer woes continue here. I have to re-install Windows it seems.

    Oh, I grow grey over this computer!

  9. Catherine Said,

    Computer woes again – you poor thing, how frustrating.

  10. sue Said,

    It is. Now I’m being told that the CD burner thing is either incompatable or nonexistant.

    I wonder why computers expect me to solve all of their problems ?

  11. Catherine Said,

    Perhaps it’s your kind face. Have you tried sitting it on the bottom stair till it remembers how to behave nicely?

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