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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-16-2002

Avoiding future regrets has been a major factor in the course of my life, in the choices that I have made. Let’s face it, I always wanted to be an archaeologist, and people whose major regret in life was not becoming an archaeoligist are a dime a dozen. Archaeology has a strong regret factor. I wonder though, how many people have ever actually met an Archaeologist ?

So, to avoid becoming a grey haired bore who would gaze off into the horizon and say ( in a wistful voice, of course ) ‘ I always dreamed of becoming an archaeologist….’, I went to Grad School, tried it and quickly put that puppy to bed.

That’s pretty well how I’ve decided what to do and not to do as I’ve gone along. It has left me here, days before my 45th birthday, with only one regret in my life, but they say you must have the exception that proves the rule. And that regret, well, it was a case of being put between a rock and a hard place : break a solemn, serious promise that I had made or do something against everything I believed in. Oh well, those things build character, I suppose.

But, while living to avoid future regrets seems to be an inverted way to live, it has worked for me. No “If only I had done this…” or ” If only I hadn’t done that” here. No one will have to say ‘poor Mummy Dearest, she so wanted this or that ‘, should I get hit by that bus tomorrow.

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