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The Friday Five

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-18-2002

I’m not doing the Friday Five today. Basically because I don’t care that much for TV. It is something that is on in the background while I’m doing something else, and at 10 pm every night, religiously, I go upstairs to read. I would always rather be reading.

What do I read ? A wide variety of subjects, but very little fiction. Why don’t I have a little box on the side of this page, with a running list of all that I am reading ? Because I am very suspicious of this element when I come across it . According to the little book boxes I that have spotted , Tolstoy and Flaubert are selling very well indeed these days. In fact, maybe I should go and check the New York Times, you know, that part when they list the best sellers. I’m sure that those two must be back in the charts.

I sometimes wonder if I am the only person who enjoys reading garbage. Indulges in mental fluff.

  1. molly Said,

    perhaps we could change it to be a books friday five instead? i’m gonna try it..

  2. sue Said,

    But confess, Molly, do you ever dip into rubbishy books ? Just for the…fun of it ?

  3. molly Said,

    did you see my blog about Ambition?!

  4. sue Said,

    No, I can’t say that I have !

  5. molly Said,

    suffice to say it was truly rubbishy.

  6. Chloe Said,

    Hey… that’s funny because I never did the Friday Five before, but I decided to do it specifically because it was about TV and I don’t care much for TV! haha.
    I also habitually read.
    AND, I also read fluff. When I was younger I was all into reading the classics, philosophy, and a lot of non-fiction. These days I like pure fantasy escape most of the time. haha.

  7. sue Said,

    Chloe, perhaps it is our polish genes. Ever heard of Hamtramck ? My roots are there. I myself slink into – shhh- the ‘true crime genre. Sad, isn’t it ?

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