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The Life Laundry

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-31-2002

I can’t help but notice that the BBC program Changing Rooms has become very successful in its US version, Trading Spaces. I’ve been a fan of the BBC version for years, and lately have become quite fond of another show in this genre called The Life Laundry.

The premise of the show is pretty simple : Dawna and Mark go to these homes that are filled floor-to-rafters with shit and help shovel it out. I mean, these cluttered homes make our place look tidy, hard to believe, I know and perhaps that is why I like the show : seeing, time after time, with my own eyes, that I really don’t have the messiest house in the northern hemisphere. Oddly enough, the messiest place in these homes tends to be the man-of-the-family’s office. Whew !

Last week, I went through our linen closet and finally threw out the bed linens from my college days. I graduated from that school in 1979. But they really were lovely sheets. So I can easily imagine Dawna and Mark darkening our doorstep one day.

Mummy Dearest : ( answering the doorbell) Dawna ! Mark ! Why, come in, come in !

Dawna: So, Mummy Dearest, from your file we have read that after 43 years of rebuilding, you finally want to get your house organized, and we are here to help you.

Mark ( who has been browsing around the living room ) Say, what’s in this little brass bowl ?

Mummy Dearest : Oh ! Those are Nabatean rim sherds. And that one there, that’s a bit of a Roman lamp. Cute, aren’t they ? One day I want to put them in one of those shadow-box like frames. I picked them up in Petra.

Mark : Oh, wow, really ? And when was that ?

Mummy Dearest : mumblemumble

Mark : When ?

Mummy Dearest : 1982.

Dawna, meanwhile, has been struggling to pull open a drawer. Mark comes over and gives it a good he-man yank. It is my photo drawer. It contains un-photo-albumed pictures from the last 3 years, as well as about 50 years worth of loose photos from my family. Dawna raises a questioning eyebrow towards Mummy Dearest, who blushes and says :

One day I’m going to put those in albums, see ( pulling open another drawer), I’ve already bought them. And, and the pictures are already sorted out..

Yes, we are prime candidates for ‘The Life Laundry’.

  1. Catherine Said,

    It’s fun isn’t it. Here’s a guilty secret – I absolutely adore the programme after that, ‘What not to wear’. Ever catch it?

  2. sue Said,

    Ha ! I actually saw it for the first time last night- har ! No, I didn’t watch football. I took my sewing and sat in the kitchen , watching the BBC .

  3. Brian Said,

    Not only are we hooked on “Trading Spaces”, our cable system has BBC America, which seems intent on running nothing but “Changing Rooms” 24 hours a day.

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