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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-23-2002

The Father and I spent a few hours this morning unpacking boxes of books. It was nice to see them again, all of my junk books. Of course, the inevitable happened : a few books that should be downstairs were unearthed. The Waugh, the Whartons, no problem. Ford Maddox Ford ? The Father’s never heard of him, so I tuck ‘The Good Soldier’ on a shelf.

But there wasn’t a thing that I could do about the Balzac. The Father spotted it so downstairs it goes. Into shelf 2.

The strange thing about going through the books so closely, is realizing that there are some favorites missing . I must have ‘Lord Jim’ somewhere. I can almost picture the book, white with orange writing. Well, there is one box left in our room and who knows what will turn up when we go into the old attics.

  1. eliz Said,

    I have Lord Jim. Several copies if memory serves. If you can’t find yours, let me know.

  2. sue Said,

    Eliz, after some thought, Han and I have come to the conclusion that about three boxes are missing. Missing ? What is this, the Bermuda Triangle ? These are b-i-g boxes.

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