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Hall : Day 3

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-14-2002

  1. erzsebel Said,

    looking good! i want bookshelves like that…

  2. sue Said,

    I must admit, I am mighty pleased with it. We, however, are not purists, so this weekend Han will start staining and varnishing the whole thing. He is dying to clear up the dozens of boxes of books that we have in every corner of the house.

    Good thoughts coming to you for your weekend-

  3. kismet Said,

    by the look of those shelves, it’s not dozens of books in the corners, but hundreds! jeez! :)

    that’s super cool though, I wish we had more practical storage space. Our bookshelf is already filled (pretty much with all David’s stuff) and while I’ve been slowing importing my stuff over here, there’s no room, so I have to lay them sideways on top of all the other stuff! :P

  4. 'bel Said,

    oh the unpacking of books, one of the only nice things about moving house… oh now i’m REALLY jealous!

  5. Eliz Said,

    Sue, would Mr. Jo be interested in a working vacation here in Florida? I’ll even let him spoil our kitties.

    I can’t figure out what is going on in the corner though.

  6. sue Said,

    Well, Eliz, if you look at the one corner where the bookcases meet, they don’t abut. They overlap.

    Mr. Jo is a great carpenter. He loves scuba diving. He likes to take pictures of fish. He might be tempted. He only costs 7 bucks an hour for us, but he likes us very much indeed, in fact, he adores Han.

    But he has said that after this, he retires. Maybe one day I will post about how things are decided in this rebuilding. How Mr.Jo, Han and I all have an equal vote. How I often lose.

    How interesting are the fish down there ?

  7. eliz Said,

    Hmmm, I don’t know. My brother says there is some good scuba diving down in the Keys. He goes deep-sea fishing somewhere around here too.

    If you are asking about interesting fish to eat, nah. Same old same old. The grocer did have a piece of herring today, but the fishmonger couldn’t tell me how to prepare it. Of course he speaks Japanese and very little English. Just my luck.

    I would’ve mitered that corner. Then again, my fil says I just like to make more work for people. We’re building an entertainment center next weekend, and I’m installing shelving on a half-wall next week.

    Do we get to see a picture of the bookcases filled? And do you arrange your books in any particular order?

  8. Bridget Said,

    Mr. Jo is worth every penny of his $7 per hour. Tell him we’ll put him up in the guest room and buy his plane ticket if he’ll come build us bookshelves. Our kitties would love him too.

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