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Manual Labor

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-12-2002

This time last year, our major objective in this eternal rebuilding was to get the new roofs closed before the really cold weather came in.At that point, The Father and I were sleeping on a mattress on the third floor, with large sheets of clear plastic making up one of the walls in our temporary bedroom.We could watch the sun rise, if we wanted to. Panoramic view. Every weekday morning we had to get our asses out of bed pronto, as the workers came at 7.15. Of course, there were a few times when we rolled over after the alarm went off and sure enough, had one of the lads calling out ‘ Morning’ from the other side of the plastic sheets as we slept on.

Now, our objective is to get the kids in their own rooms, surrounded by their own things as soon as possible, preferably before they go off to college. The Boy’s room is done, although last week we decided that we didn’t really like the sealant that we used on his floor, so will have to re-do that. The Baby’s room is done, except for the floor treatment. The next room is The Girl’s, where The Baby and The Girl are now sleeping. Once Mr.Jo finishes the bookcases in the hallway, he will be heading over to do The Girl’s room, so The Baby’s room has to be done by then. The Father ( who I have always found to be over-optimistic about things like this) insists that Jo will finish the bookcases by Friday, so The Baby’s room has to be done by then, so we can move the girls into her room over the weekend.

Guess who is doing The Baby’s floor this week ? I should finish up by Thursday.

Mr. Jo enjoys having me up there, working together. When he takes a cigarette break, he ambles over to The Baby’s room, stands in the doorway and we chat. As I am on my hands and knees, I try and make sure that my t-shirt hasn’t crept up, exposing half of my ass. Yes, very congenial, very collegial we are.

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