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Pre-Teen Queen

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-27-2002

Last night, during dinner, we were following our usual ‘and how was your day’ routine and conversation was bobbing along when suddenly my ears perked up as The Girl used the phrase ‘The most popular girl in the school’. Here I stopped her, and with much quizzing ( ‘You mean the one who has a sister who has a cousin in your class ?’) figured out who she meant. Even The Boy joined in, saying that this was indeed the most popular girl in the school. He very solemnly added his description as well ‘ She’s vewy tall and has a big bottom’.

This morning as we were standing in the school yard, waiting for the bell to ring, I spotted the most popular girl, and out of curiosity asked The Girl who the most popular boy was. There wasn’t one, she said. Maybe there was one last year, so-and-so. I thought that a bit odd, but so far I’m finding just about everything going on in her age bracket a bit odd, so I let that one go.

And then – once again out of curiosity- I asked what made one the most popular girl in the school. She then told me that everyone had to know your name. Now, there are only about 200 kids in this school, maybe less, so this didn’t strike me as being an unusual quality to have, but I let this one ride as well. The Girl then continued on, telling me that S.- now in group 7 – for it appears that the most popular girl in the school must be in group 8-, is already campaigning for the title. The Girl said this with a look of disdain on her face.

Who needs to go to Papua New Guinea to study odd tribal habits ?

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