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The Hall

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-4-2002

After this weekend’s positive results re: the rebuilding, I’ve decided to start following it a bit more than I have lately. To tell the truth, after more than a year of living in a construction site, the last 6 weeks or so I’ve been a pretty grim person, moody and glum. I’ve blamed it on the Stats meter, on hormones, on just about everything that I could think of except the obvious : the rebuilding was really dragging me down. I think it would bother anyone.

Mr.Jo is now finishing up The Baby’s room. After her room, the next area that he will attack is this small hallway. I chose this to put up because it really looks horrible and I think that it will end up very nice indeed.

So what are you looking at ? Well, I am standing in a doorway, on the left is the wall which abuts The Baby’s room, on the right is the wall of the laundry room. Straight ahead is the original wall from the 1600′s, in the floor is the opening for the stairs, which come up from the second floor. What really doesn’t show up is a lovely assortment of beams, both in the ceiling and on the left. The door that I am standing in, as well as the wall that it is a part of, will be pulled down. The now redundant heating pipe straight ahead will also go.

Mr. Jo will be building wrap-around book cases on these three walls. The Father and I have a lot – and I mean a lot – of books. These bookcases will be for books that we rarely ( if ever) look at but don’t want to throw away. A lot of ‘junk’ books will end up here, as well as the thousands of xeroxed pages from my big adventure in archaeology.

Exciting, isn’t it ?

  1. kismet Said,

    I can totally understand the building thing being a bummer… I can’t even stand it when fixit people are around hammering things and making footprints all over the place (why do ALL fixit people leave greasy black footprints? I mean, if you are the guy that just looks at the gas heaters once a year to make sure they’re not poisoning us, it’s not like you’re a mechanic).

    But, you are going to have the best house ever. When all is said and done, it’ll be nothing but yours. Well, and the fam’s, but you know what I mean. :)

  2. sue Said,

    Oh thanks, Kim. I know, I know, I’m just so tired of living in limbo- waiting for all of this to be done.

    We have, so far, made it very much a house of our own- fits our lives perfectly. When we aren’t rebuilding !

    But this is the last time !

  3. eliz Said,

    I agree with Kim. You will have the best house ever. Now about that hole in the floor. That scares the crap out of me. I can just see myself taking a tumble right thru it. thump, thump, thumpity, thump thump thump.

    If you ever feel a need to accumulate more books … just let me know. Oh my!

  4. sue Said,

    Han and I are ‘discussing’ this hole. I want a rail of some sort, his part of the ‘discussion’ usually begins with ‘ They aren’t that stupid…’.

    I shall win.

    After the hall, a new bathroom. Wait until you see that picture ( they want to put a full bath there ?

  5. eliz Said,

    Han would consider my mother an idiot then. She fell thru a hole just like that one on my 16th birthday. She broke several ribs and did something to one of the discs in her back. She still has problems and you wouldn’t believe the calcium deposits that built up as a result of that tumble.

    The horrifying thing is that no one was home when this happened. She just laid there on the stairs until Dad came home for lunch.

    I have no doubts that ou will win the argument.

    And an additional full bath? Can’t wait.

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