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A Pauze

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-13-2002

Today I am marathon shopping. I am here now, between laps, having a smoke and wishing that I had a beer as well.

As I mentioned to Catherine earlier in the day, I do believe that my arms are now 2 inches longer than they were this morning. However, the shopping this morning went very well indeed. All three children now have hats, gloves, scarves and a winter coat less than 2 months old. We are ready for anything.

Most likely, a tropical front will move in tomorrow.

( I pause to put The Baby’s gloves on yet again) I am, however seriously questioning the wisdom of having bought Baby gloves not mittens. But they were so cute, little eensey-weensey gloves with a bright number on each finger. Educational, I told myself. Within the last 15 minutes , I have put those cutesy gloves on her three times. I see trouble ahead.

I also had a rather interesting experience, never happened to me before. The handles on two of my three huge, filled-to-the-brim plastic shopping bags ripped off while I was downtown. There was no way that I could move this mass to the bus. So I found a nearby bench, pushed my purchases over to it, sat down and had a smoke. As I sat there, I noticed that there was an AH ( big grocery store) across the street. They sell those great big, heavy duty can-carry-6-liters-of-wine shopping bags there. I managed to get myself and my loot to the AH, threw it all into a shopping cart and went directly to a cash register. Where I picked up 2 of those jumbo bags. I placed them on the counter. ‘You only want the bags ? ‘, ‘ Yes ‘, I said brightly and with a big oh-silly-me smile on my face.

I made the bus, in fact, I only had to wait 15 minutes for it ( it seems to come and go by some mysterious lottery system which I still haven’t figured out. According to the board at the bus station, it wasn’t supposed to come for another 40 minutes. )

All in all, I am having a fine Friday the 13th.

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