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Dog Days

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-27-2002

I do believe that I set a new personal record today: I must have checked my e-mail about 40 times. You see, today is the due date of that dog I droned on and on about a few months ago. The Ultra Sound ( I confess, I’m still having problems with the idea that a dog had an U/S and most likely had better pre-natal health care then half of the women in the world, but, I should just lighten up , shouldn’t I ?) showed that the happy, mother-to-be would be having anywhere from 5 to 9 puppies, but the question remains : is there a little male puppy in there for us ?

I rather crashed- emotionally- after Christmas and found myself in a classic ‘…I’m going to eat some worms’ frame of mind and was assured that everything, simply everything was going to go wrong. Even Dutchy, the dog. Yes, I told myself, she would probably have 11 puppies, and they would all be females. And so, for the last 2 days I have been checking all of my lists of breeders, immersing myself in blood-lines and ‘Type’ once again, in search of another litter of puppies that might be due soon. And believe it or not, I have actually succeeded in finding ‘back-up’ puppies for us. The breeder ( a Belgian) contacted me this morning, sending me details on the expected litters and the good news that there was ‘room’ left on their ‘ puppy list’. I have to go over the pedigrees a bit more carefully, but first glance shows that it is the type we like, they are expecting 2 litters in early January, so I am feeling quite proud of myself. Right now, it seems to me , come hell or high water, by March we will at least and at last have two Newfs again.

Just don’t ask me what color they will be.

  1. Bridget Said,

    What are the odds of a dog having 11 puppies all of the same gender? It seems almost unbelieveable. Good luck with the Belgian puppies.

  2. sue Said,

    Bridget, usually the litters are pretty well balanced, but, you know, haven’t you ever had one of those days ? And I wonder where Mike gets his melodramatic flair !

    But I do think having a back-up is a very good idea. Now I can occupy myself with the question of how one registers a Belgian dog in the Netherlands. The European Community hasn’t come that far yet.

    Hope that you three had a great Christmas – it’s so much more fun with kids, isn’t it ?

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