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Henny Penny Speaks

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-16-2002

There wasn’t even a scene, after all. In fact. The Father tried to call me at 12, but I was picking the kids up from school. He knew that I would be expecting a scene, and wanted to tell me that all was ok.

He came home at about 8.30, while I was wrapping gifts. We talked. After we had covered the basics, he asked me if I was happy. I said that I didn’t know. I deal with one thing at a time, and I had spent all of my time since Saturday fussing about his reaction.

But I am happy.Tomorrow, I can start reading all of the papers telling me how all of the odds are against this coming to a happy end, I can start preparing myself for disappointment, but tonight I am happy. Very happy. I am pregnant. We have a small chance, but still a chance, to have another child.

But The Father and I both agree, this better be a boy, or The Boy will be livid : 3 girls and only 1 boy ! I can already hear him.

  1. joy Said,

    congratulations sue! a small chance is still a chance, and worth being happy about. here’s hoping you beat those odds. :)

  2. Brian Said,

    Sue, our Charlotte is living proof that even the slimmest odds can turn out well. Have hope and take care. We will all cross our fingers and toes and everything else for you.

  3. Raye Said,

    Congratulations, Sue! Lots of good wishes going your way.

  4. kismet Said,

    I’ll keep on sending those happy thoughts your way :)

  5. Bridget Said,

    Congratulations Sue!

  6. Marjan Said,

    Congratulations! *grin* and of course right after you built rooms for all the kids and gave away all baby-stuff, that figures!

  7. sue Said,

    Thank you all very, very much.

    Marjan, you are one of the few people who really knows how much this means to me. Believe it or not, Han and I were able to joke about that last night : ‘Everytime we give away all of the baby stuff, I get pregnant’. What a difference !

    I am very, very happy and could care less if it a boy or girl,I’m just happy for the chance to try again.

  8. 'bel Said,

    lots and lots of congratulations, and fingers crossed that it will all be okay
    love, bel

  9. Catherine Said,

    Congratulations Sue! I’m so happy you’re so happy!

    You gave away all the baby stuff and Han bought a new car – that really does figure.

    Congratulations again!


  10. sue Said,

    Catherine- this time he didn’t mention the car until much later in the conversation !

  11. Karan Said,

    Babies are good, especially if they come to homes where they are cherished. Congratulations!

  12. sue Said,

    Guess this means that I have tostart eating green things and drinking white stuff again, eh ? Thanks !

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