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I Sing The Body Electric

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-15-2002

Well, the Polish Tree is up, I have bought all but one gift, I have all of the makings for our Christmas Eve dinner in the house, I even have wrapping paper in stock. I still haven’t done the cards, but all in all, this is surprisingly organized for me.

So, things are going very smoothly. Then this curve ball comes shooting in. Oh, it is nothing horrible or anything like that. Next weekend it will all have passed. But before I reach next weekend, I am going to have to go through a scene.

I hate scenes. I have spent most of my life avoiding scenes. But you know, I have to go through this one. The sooner the better, right ? Get it over with, get it behind me. If nothing else, once it is over, I can talk about it.

Maybe tomorrow, probably Tuesday. I just have to remember, that after the scene, things will be fine.

The sooner, the better, Mummy Dearest.

  1. bel Said,

    fingers crossed the scene is not TOO bad…. and please can we have a picture of the tree?

  2. sue Said,

    Once I get some gifts under it, I shall indeed put a photo up. It is very….colorfull. I love it. It is so …’hunky’. Being ( in that curious, American way) half Polish, I feel quite free to make all of the Polish slurs that I want to.

    Thinking of you-

  3. catherine Said,

    Oh dear, hope the scene is short and calm and gets results.

    Congratulations on being so organised. I still have so much to do, but did I mention Kevin and my traditional festive row? Well we had this year’s one on Saturday – over the decorations this time, having done the cards last year – so I can at least tick THAT off my to do list.

    Looking forward to seeing the Polish tree,


  4. sue Said,

    I hope so too.

    Sorry to hear of yours- we have solved the decoration debates by leaving it up to the kids : they can put up whatever they want.

    It is very, very colorful and Mike is busy in the evenings making yet more decorations…

    I have just put the things on the mantle piece, a group of 8 Thai reindeer.

    Oh well. I like it.

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