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Jan. 16, 9.20 am

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-19-2002

I made my appointment. It took forever. I am pretty upset.

After much heming and hawing around this morning, I pulled out the local yellow pages to get the number of the hospital. Well, I couldn’t find it. I think that they have changed the name of the hospital since I was last there, 3 years ago.

A while back, I had been sorting out photos and papers to put in albums, and I remembered that one of the things I had seen was my old appointment card from when I was pregnant with The Baby. That had the phone number for my Doctor on it. So I went to the photo drawer and rooted around for a while. Turns out that I had actually put it in an album, but there it was, as well as a copy of the brochure from the prenatal testing center. Of course, I had to look through the brochure, had to pick that scab open. At my age, there is a 1 in 20 chance of genetic problems.

That is scary.

During the day, I will tell myself again and again how every month I buy a lottery ticket. I have a one in ten chance of winning the lowest prize, but almost never win. By the evening, I am sure I will have regained my disregard of statistics. But right now, it is just scary, scary, scary.


Of course, 1 in 20 also means that there is a 95% chance of everything being just fine. What a goose I am.

  1. Catherine Said,

    Well done for making that appointment, and hugs for the rest.


  2. sue Said,

    Hi Catherine-

    everything just seems to be happening so quickly, I mean, the 16th isn’t that far away at all.

    I just hate telephones, as you might recall, so making a phone call is always a minor trauma. My Dr. wasn’t available until March, so I had to go through my anybody-but-Dr.S-routine. Oh well, that is how people there remember me best : I would rather have the janitor check me out then the guy who was my Dr. with Sally and Mike. I caused quite the scandel. ( ‘Oh, you’re the one…’)

    But then, who wants to have a pelvic done by a man that you loathe and that loathes you in return ? ( He hated Americans).

    Gearing up for Christmas ? All done yet, or still working on it ?

  3. Catherine Said,

    He was mean to a pg woman because she is american? How vile! Let me at him – I’ll give him a pelvic! Please tell me you got anybody-but-Dr-Slimeball.

    I’d clean fogotten about your loathing of phones – please accept another well done for getting it sorted.

    Still working on Christmas. I actually drew up an itinerary last week so I could slot all the tasks in – not a very festive way to see things, but it is the only way I can handle it. Today is my last day at work – hurray hurrah hurroo as the boss has been very tiring.

    Do you think you will get a spare minute to show us your polish tree?


  4. kismet Said,

    do you hate making telephone calls in general, or just when they’re not in english? because while I don’t have any adversity to calling people in english, and while I deal okay with answering calls in french (as all the non-solicitor people that call us know what they’re getting themselves into), I would absolutely loathe making a call to a store, or to make an appointment, etc. in french. sometimes I still have difficulty getting people to understand me in person, so when it’s the phone and I can’t do the half-mime half-charades routine, how am I going to be understood then?

  5. sue Said,

    Kim, I just hate all telephones. I am the only person that I know who doesn’t have one of those handy dandy, slips in your pocket ones. Making calls here, like today, I usually get on the phone , say who I am, say ( in Dutch) that I understand Dutch but that my spoken Dutch sucks. Usually the person on the other end is so glad that they don’t have to speak English, that we carry on the rest of the conversation in our own languages.

    It works in the Netherlands.

  6. marjan Said,

    You know these people probably aren’t even offended that you don’t speak dutch, they feel so good about themselves that they can help you in english that they forget that it is absolutely ridiculous that after so many years of living here you don’t dutch any better than you do. Sorry, I know it’s not your fault. I think it must be hard to find a situation here where you were forced to speak dutch because otherwise nobody would understand you at all. I am guilty of accomodating english, french and german-speaking people in the Netherlands as well, just because I was proud to show off I spoke their languages. I even remember us speaking english all the time while we met at Schiphol before Catherine joined us. Weird.

  7. sue Said,

    Well, Marjan, in the begining, I tried. I got tired of watching Han roll around on the floor laughing at me and people telling me I sounded like Barry Whats-his-name. Now I just sound like a rather dumb German !

  8. Catherine Said,

    Well I’m glad you showed off and were guilty of accomodating me Marjan – it would have been a very nasty surprise if you had insisted on speaking in Dutch!

  9. Marjan Said,

    LOL Catherine, you were excused from speaking Dutch, Sue wasn’t :-)
    No seriously Sue, I do understand how hard it must be, especially when Han is so supportive. Barry Hughes? Really? Wow that’s bad!

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