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My Gift

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-21-2002

The Father, The Boy and The Girl have just taken off to the big city to buy my traditional Christmas gift : a new figure for our Nativity Set. The children and I spent this week looking over the set, trying to decide which figure to get. Should we retire the quadriplegic ox, or replace the headless wise man ? My vote went for replacing the headless wise man, I mean, the ox just looks like it is laying in the stable, the headless guy just looks really creepy, for you see, we still have his head. It is laying there next to his feet waiting for me to super-glue it back on. (I’m a bit behind on my super-glue-ing). It casts a somewhat Stephen King atmosphere over the whole Nativity Set.

I just hope that they don’t get me anymore sheep. We have tons of sheep, and The Baby has been busy busting their legs ( adding yet more to my list of things that need to be super-glued) all week.

We shall see .

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