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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-22-2002

When the kids are teenagers, try to remember what bouncing hormones feel like. Feel very sorry for them, as it lasts years and years for the poor kids.

I am still trying to find my balance here a bit. I had rather forgotten how very friable one can feel, like one is walking – emotionally- on ice with thin patches here and there. Things catch me by surprise, and so I know to avoid them in the future. Soon I will find my balance.

The Father has spent the last few days making life miserable for the wanton drivers who keep blocking our drive-way. Remember that procession that the kids were going to take part in last Friday ? Well, they almost missed it. To start with, for the first time this year, I overslept. I never oversleep. In fact, I usually wake up so often during the night that we really don’t need to use an alarm clock or baby-phones. But Friday, I overslept. We had a half an hour to get everyone ready and over to the next village. With 5 minutes to spare, The Boy and The Girl ( looking rather appropriately rumpled and be-sleepy-bugged ) were in the car, ready to go. However, when The Father went to open our gate, a white van was blocking their exit. A half an hour and many calls to the Police later, they took off, making it to the procession just in time.

And again today : The Father went to return our rental videos and when he returned, two cars were blocking our driveway. He placed his car so that neither could leave and eagerly awaited the confrontation. Oh, and he again called the police. He enjoyed berating the illegally parked church-goers, having them read aloud the ‘do not block this driveway’ sign.

Keeps him happy, could be worse.

  1. Cindy Said,

    Glad the kids made the parade on time. I hope you find your balance soon, Sue. Raging hormones….yes, I can relate~
    Put a few fold up chairs in front of your drive way, with Christmas services you’re bound to get blocked in again! Don’t you just love church-goers?

  2. sue Said,

    Mr.Jo had suggested in the past that we place boards with nails sticking up from them under the tires of the cars. So far , we have refrained from anything so…crass. Han has now started a campaign of calling the police each time ( this happens numerous times a week), hoping that they will get tired of hearing his voice and send a meter-person over more often ( the parking lot where all of this is occuring is permit-only parking). He has even suggested that they leave him a stack of tickets and he will work on a commission basis-

    And they are all from above the river too, if you know what I mean. Very ‘black stocking’ indeed…

    Any plans for the Holidays ?

  3. Cindy Said,

    Oh, I see “Zwarte Kousjes”…..That explains it!
    Our local chapter recently moved out of the city and into our ” new” suburb! Less congestion on Sundays!

    We are hosting an English/ American/ Dutch Christmas here, at home. My in-laws arrived last night :) Guess who gets to cook??? Yep…
    Thanks for asking…(more coffee pleeeease…!)

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