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Note to Me

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-20-2002

This book should be interesting.

  1. cindy Said,

    what a great idea for my partner, for Christmas!
    I’ll have to check BOL for it!
    I take it you are a Jack K. and Neal C. beat boys/ fan too?_

    Zwervers, of course…for the dress up thing today! Dutch Bums!

  2. sue Said,

    I seem to go through phases- at one time ( like when I was next to a huge library) I read most of Kerouac’s stuff ( although the delouze- or however it is spelled- stuff could get a bit…tiresome)and anything that I could find on the Beats.

    How could you not love ‘On the Road’?

    ‘Awww …!!’

  3. Cin NL Said,

    or Darma Bums….awwwww, so sweeeet!
    Take it easy, Sue’tje

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