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A Duty Done

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-22-2003

The Father and I have done our civic duty : at 7.45 am, we voted. Two votes for the VVD. I myself am totally charmed by Zalm and his rather infectious, open-mouthed smile , a smile which no one has used since Marilyn made it her trademark. But then, I am biased. And no doubt shallow.

I do believe it is time to get life back on it’s rails. I shall go upstairs and take some photos of the mess that Mr.Jo has made . ( Have I mentioned that we now have a bathtub sitting in our living room ?) And then , I do believe that I shall go shopping for a new camera ( is there any question here why the SP did not get my vote ?), as I am sure that the one I have will be sent flying through the window of my ‘a room of my own’ shortly after I open the photos in Photoshop.

  1. bel Said,

    can you use the bath in the living room?

  2. sue Said,

    For the moment, we like to consider it an unusual conversation piece. And it goes so well- so very well- with the naked light bulbs hanging from every ceiling.

  3. bel Said,

    ah, we have the same taste in light fittings!

  4. Angel Said,

    Nothing brings a family closer then community baths! Think of the time saved… you can bath and catch up on each others day at the same time… plus watch that show you were afraid you would miss! *grin*

  5. sue Said,

    Oh, it gets even better. I fact, I’m about to ring up ‘House Beautiful’ : they just delivered Sally’s new double mattress.

    It too is now in the living room. Next to the tub.

    Oh well, at least the fact that I didn’t vacuum doesn’t show.


  6. Kathryn Said,

    What do you need an entire house for anyways….you can sleep, bathe & watch TV all in the same place!

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