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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-28-2003

Along with everything else, by the weekend I have to decide how we are going to ‘do’ the girl’s bathroom. Because it is a small, windowless room, I’m thinking of yellow and white.

I came across this nifty room planner, though, in my travels. Very nifty.

And have you uploaded that work yet, Mummy Dearest ?

  1. Marjan Said,

    Yellow and white sounds very pretty!
    Stage freigth eh? It’s prefectly healthy to be nervous to show your work to the world but I am sure in your case you have no reason to fear negative reactions. Go for it!

  2. sue Said,

    I’m on a major procrastination roll right now.

    What I’m worried about is the fact that I’ve never sent an update in FrontPage before, and there are all of these funny files with extensions that sound like the last ingredient on a jar of frites sauce…

    Oh me ! Oh my!

  3. Angel Said,

    Hey there!!!! I don’t have a CLUE what is on that room planner site (can’t read it) but good luck!!! Just wanted to say HI!!! {{HUGS}}

  4. kismet Said,

    I had fun playing with the room planner, even though I just had to pick the items at random and guess what they were.

    (although I was certain “chaise” would be chair, since chaise means chair in english, but when I clicked it it looked an awful lot more like a bed. doh :s)

  5. sue Said,

    Oh ! We don’t have water, the house looks like a sand box but the fool uploading is working ! Ha!

    Oh Kim, it is fun, because you can change the size of everything- Han is going to love it !

    Angel- hi there, you !

  6. sue Said,

    Oh ! This day is simply getting better and better ! A kind soul sent me a morsel of gossip !

    Catherine, guess what un-named person is going to a party with a cast from P** ? ( you know, the ones I am not allowed to type into my computer )

    Oh, heavenly !

  7. sue Said,

    Oh dear- Marjan ! I tried to give Han the goalie’s name, and… I’ve forgotten it ! And I have deleted the post-

    Oh me, oh my ! Shoot me ! With all of those Nigerians and penis expanders cloging my box…..and I’m trying to be so tidy….so…Dutch… you know how it is.

    What was his name ?

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