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O-Lay, O-Lay !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-25-2003

The Boy and luc

The Boy’s football has started up again. You all remember The Boy’s football team, don’t you ? The team that has won exactly one game in the last two years ? Yes, that is what I was doing this morning at 9.30 am.

As I walked back and forth on the football field at that somewhat heathen hour, sending thumbs-up signals to The Boy and trying not to freeze my knees off, something suddenly came to my mind : the idea that perhaps the problem that The Boy’s team has lies within it’s group of supporters.

Here, picture this : supporters for MThe Boy’s team today included G.P. You know, G.P., the one who exhibits his rather impressionistic paintings of the south of France once a year. Then there was Harry. Harry is just a singer in a rock and roll band. Once a year, he is also a member of the Zwarte Pieten band in our town. Whenever I pass by him, as he is performing in the Zwarte Pieten band, I can’t help but notice what a striking resemblance he bears to Keith Richards. If Keith Richards were quite a bit younger. And decked out like a Zwarte Piet.

And then there was me, the aging mother who tends to be a bit absent minded as I am always contemplating topics along the lines of ‘how many angels can dance on the head of a pin ?’.

Now picture Engelen’s supporters ( Engelen, by the way, always wins): at least 8 Daddies. Now these just aren’t your normal Daddies, no, they are big, brick-shit-houses of Daddies, complete with booming baritone voices. They strategically place themselves : one on each line of the field, the rest divided behind the two goals. And during the entire game, they are booming out instructions to the children. At times, this was rather creative, as half of the children on their team seemed to be named ‘Bram’.

Of course, they won. I mean, The Boy’s team only had a rather quiet group of parents who got lost somewhere in the 60′s to cheer them on. Even the coach for The Boy’s team didn’t make it today.

I’m still convinced that there is a Disney film in here somewhere.

  1. Jocelyn Said,

    What darling little boys Mike and his soccer buddy are!

  2. sue Said,

    I must admit, I’m rather found of this ‘bugs bunny’ stage.

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