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To Pass The Time

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-28-2003

I have been contemplating entering the Second Annual Feral Living Romantic Valentine’s Day Limerick Contest.

While waiting for the children’s playmates to leave at 5, I worked on the topic :

A tart who knew Thomas Aquinas,
A bit of a grey, faded Venus,
Said that short before slumber
He pondered what number
Of angels could dance on a p….

I don’t know that I could actually write out such….naughty words, given how huffy I’ve been about the same the last few days.

But it was diverting.

  1. catherine Said,

    baaahahahaha! oh very well done indeed!

  2. sue Said,

    Oh, you should try !~

    “extra points go to entries that include the name of a philosopher or work of philosophy, and/or references to the prostate.”

  3. kathryn Said,

    I like it! Much better than the Seinfeld episode where they use a girl’s name that rhymes with a female body part ;-) ?

  4. kane Said,

    Excellent! I hope you don’t mind me sharing:

    Furry Little Beaver

    Knew a little beaver quite furry,
    She wanted a log in a hurry;
    When she got all of the hardwood,
    that she physically could,
    She danced up and down with a flurry.

  5. Joeri Said,

    *hehe* Nice one, Sue.

  6. kat Said,

    very cute…lol you should enter. :)

  7. 'bel Said,

    such smut!!

  8. sue Said,

    Oh, I know ! And all written as I sat at the kitchen table ‘watching over’ 5, innocent cherubs !

  9. maire_e Said,

    Woe!* said with back of hand to her forehead* The next thing we know you will be writing erotica!


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