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A Mother’s Work …

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-12-2003

Survival planning starts at home .

I actually read this article and went through the list of supplies in my head. Duct tape ? Mr.Jo must have some around here. Somewhere. Underground ? In the Netherlands ?

I would much rather be complacent, but find that hard to do, even here, in my little fairy tale village, far, far away from the big, bad world.

  1. Angel Said,

    If you find the tape will you send me a roll?? Mine keeps disappearing and I don’t have a clue where to look anymore!! {{{HUGS}}}

  2. sue Said,

    Angel, it is absurd that I let this bother me at all, but it does. PLus it all makes me very worried for Catherine.

    As a very small child ( 5 or 6), our house was on the path of a tornado and we all had to go into a special cellar off of the basement. With a radio. I don’t have many childhood memories, but that is one of them.And not the best of the lot.

    I’ll send you a roll, should I stumble across an extra !

  3. 'bel Said,

    I have a battery powered radio! i AM prepared!

  4. Marjan Said,

    I can’t believe my town and more precisely my part of of town would ever be a target but we had a power outage last week and after that I did stock up on matches, batteries for the radio, candles and stuff like that. Maybe we should stock up some food too. Cans of soup maybe?
    London is quite a different story though. Catherine are you preparing? And how’s your workplace now? More security?

  5. sue Said,

    Well…well.. I have 24 rolls of toilet paper ! Ha ! And to think that I was just lamenting my lost youth !

    Marjan, Catherine is home today. But did you know that rumor has it that she has a stash of chocolate that is almost, well, obscene ?

  6. Marjan Said,

    I think that chocolate should be declared a food group don’t you? If she really has such a stash she will be ok, I am sure :-) It’s feel good-food AND nutricious. So there will Catherine be, safe, well fed and on a chocolate-high for weeks…hmmm…maybe I need to cross the cans of soup of my grocery list and add chocolate.

  7. sue Said,

    Marjan, as I went to pick up Meg, I found my mind taking an odd turn. Suddenly, a number of what-are-we-going-to-do-with-this items in our house became oddly, well, attractive. For instance, that large box, filled with tubes of toothpaste that my sister-in-law-who-works-for-toothpaste-company gave us, one never knows…

  8. Angel Said,

    Sue I understand your worry… I live on a military base and now worry just how stocked up should I be?? OR should I even bother?? I am told that in the event of an event I can bring the family here to the bldg where I work which the boys will LOVE… now hurry w/the duct tape!

  9. Angel Said,

    Catherine has CHOCOLATE?? What’s her addy again?? And you say we can sustain ourselves on it if need be??? Hmmm I still have a ton of Halloween and Easter chocolates stashed away from the boys!!!!

  10. sue Said,

    Angel, it is scary for you guys, isn’t it ? I keep remembering Cindy running around, trying to herd up her boys and not being able to contact John back when the towers were hit.

  11. Angel Said,

    It is/was scarey… I remember the first night as they moved in tanks and fully armed soldiers, blocking off a main thorough fair (sp?) between 2 towns to seal in the base completely… And listening to helicopters overhead transporting the injured and fatalities – hearing ONLY that.. the silence was erie… I am NOT looking forward feeling so vulenerable again…

  12. 'bel Said,

    here is an interesting piece on what sort of terrorist attacks are being prepared for in Britain.

  13. sue Said,

    ‘bel, that was rather scary as well.

    I wish I knew if this was all true, or if I have been swept up in some sort of mass hysteria. I’m such a sucker for these sorts of things, I mean, one can still half way convince me that Anderson was Anastasia… and don’t let me start on JFK…

  14. Catherine Said,

    Sue, everyone – we ate the stash!

    As background – last year, I stuffed into a big bag in the cupboard under the stairs enough chocolate to last Kevin Callum and I through the first three days post-apocalypse. The idea was that in the event of having to flee London, we would – get this – put Callum into his buggy, pick up the bag and walk to my sister’s house near Brighton. There are even maps in there of the route.

    I knew this was madness, but it gave me something to do – displacement activity, I think they call it.

    One day I needed chocolate so badly that I was prepared to compromise the future survival of my nearest and dearest, and went to the Mad Bag. Only to find that I wasn’t the first – Kevin had been busy gnawing away at our rations.

    Needless to say the tins of sausages-with-baked-beans remain unmolested, but probably out of date.

    The bag will be updated soon, so if any of you dabble in the stockmarket I’d tell your broker to buy Cadburys.

  15. Brian Said,

    I heard Herr Ridge say that we should be “prepared for any kind of attack”, so I am choosing to prepare for being attacked by a flock of petulant parakeets. This involves purchasing a bunch of small cage mirrors with which to dazzle and confuse them, some cuttlebone, and a recording of an old lady saying “Who’s a pretty birdie? Who’s a pretty birdie?” I think I’m well prepared now.

    Oh, and I have duct tape. I suppose that’s to tape our eyes shut while the government shreds the Constitution.

  16. sue Said,

    Brian, the things that I have read about what is happening to civil liberties ( or rather, do they still exist ?) are truly frightening.They remind me of cold war novels, in which the ‘bad guys’ crash down doors and people disappear..forever.

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