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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-11-2003

The Father leaves tomorrow for… at least a week. I have his itinerary in an e-mail, but I haven’t looked at the last chapter yet. I don’t really know why.

This evening, he and The Boy dropped The Girl off at the manege, for her horse evening and then hit the big grocery store, to pile in those heavy things, those bulky things that are hard for me to bring home via the buggy. I in particular pointed out to him that we had a severe toilet paper shortage. The Baby has weaned herself from the Pampers and now goes through an enormous amount of TP, and so, we are low. He brought back a pack which contained 24 rolls. It can double as an extra bed , in a pinch. One truly knows that one’s youth, one’s gay old times are over when you purchase 24 rolls of toilet paper at one time.

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