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Rollovers and a Duck

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-26-2003

I was going to tell a story today about what happened when The Baby and I went shopping yesterday, about how I caught a duck by the bookstore and the admiring crowd reacted as though I had wrestled down a tiger. ‘Uh’, I said, ‘ it’s a duck. It doesn’t even have teeth.’

But it is Wednesday and the kids only have a half day of school and The Girl’s birthday is quickly approaching.

So instead of telling wild tales about the duck, I’m busy inserting rollovers- hearts, in fact – on The Girl’s little site. They turn from blue to red on mouseover.

Sometimes it’s a lot of fun doing those things that I would never dream of doing here .

  1. Angel Said,

    Awwwww I can’t wait to hear the duck story later!! Also waiting to hear the end result of Sally’s page!!! Hope you are doing well! {{HUGS}}

  2. sue Said,

    Hi Angel – oh, I gave the duck punch line away and I’m making some very basic error with Sal’s site that simply eludes me- oh well.

    Say, thinking lots about you today, even looked for you in ‘other places’ ( loss). Hope that you are holding on with all that is going on with you.

    Well, in the tit-for-tat arena, your house certainly sounds cleaner then mine ( what will I do when Mr. Jo leaves, taking all of my excuses with him ? )

    Smooches to Jersey ! ( Never thought I would see the day that I said that ! Har !)

  3. Angel Said,

    Hey there!! It’s just a surface clean and I wish I had Mr Jo here to give me some excuses and fix a few things… I am doing ok.. keeping busy, I still have a few moments but doing MUCH MUCH better… Life w/o E here has been keeping me VERY busy this week… I hope you got the glitch worked out w/Sally’s page – been having that trouble myself this week w/ivillage.. Well it’s off to prepare the boys for bed! {{HUGS}}

  4. Karan Said,

    I hope that you will share Sally’s site with us when you’re done with it. I’d love to see those cutesy rollovers.

    BTW, if you haven’t yet found your little boo boo, and want me to take a look, just ask.


  5. sue Said,

    Karan, part of the problem is that I simply can’t remember how to set up the folders correctly ! I think I will have to create a supra-one.

    Once I put it up, I can mangle about with the folders via FTP and that strikes me as being the easiest way to solve it.

    Of course, nothing went right yesterday and it took me until today simply to access her ‘space’.

    While I won’t put a link to her place here, once it is up and she ok’s it, I’ll send you the link !

    Meanwhile, I have to find a lava lamp for her before Monday ! Sound familiar, this leaving everything until the last moment ?

  6. Karan Said,

    Everyone gets messed up with folders at one time or another. I’m looking forward to seeing the page, it sounds really cute.
    Are you looking for a real lava lamp or a graphic of one? I have an animated gif I can send you, but you’ll have to go to Target for a real one and that would involve getting your passport ready and buying airline tickets but hey….what’s wrong with spending $1500 for a lava lamp?

  7. sue Said,

    A real one ! After months of naming things like ‘ a horse’ as what she wanted for her birthday, she finally camae up with this yesterday.

    10 is really an in-between age, as far as gifts go…

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