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At Long Last

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-26-2003

Tomorrow the trial of Volkert van de G. ( suspected of murdering Pim Fortuyn ) begins, almost a year after the assassination of the controversial politician stunned the Netherlands.

  1. Morgaine Said,

    I’m glad the court decided this trial is not to be seen on tv.

  2. sue Said,

    I don’t know if I agree. We all but saw Fortuyn getting blown away on TV, leaving a void of information about his killer in it’s wake.

    I put his murder up there with 9/11 and this war on the list of things that have shocked me the most in my lifetime.

    I suppose we will get the information on the trial from other sources, but still, it was such a public shock- I tend to find myself wanting public answers.

  3. Morgaine Said,

    Would you sit in front of your tv for hours and hours to follow the entire process? Would you like to be a judge working with dozens of cameras pointed at you? I believe it’s enough to get the conclusions. I believe e.g. the OJ Simpson trial would have been different if it weren’t on tv. Chances always excist the trial will be turned into a circus.

  4. sue Said,

    Yes, you are probably right.

    I think that I am looking for an explanation and it’s unlikely that watching a trial on TV would give that.

    You know, it all seems so very clear cut that I almost expect some technical error to arise, some , well, glitch.

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