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Bad Things, Good Things

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-22-2003

Today it was my turn to watch The Boy’s football team lose. And the other guys were so little. After only winning 1 game in the past three seasons, the boys are beginning to become disheartened.

I really can’t blame them.

On the good side, though, it was a beautiful day to be outside, cold and clear and so peaceful and quiet. As I was about to begin bitching to myself about how deadly boring this losing streak was, I decided to look around, enjoy the landscape instead. And as I looked at the neat rows of trees, the tractor in the background, the vast expanse of blue sky, I wondered how I would feel if suddenly a missile went overhead, something exploded above us.

I decided that there are many things worse than a losing streak.

The Father is sick ( very), The Baby is sick ( very), both continuing in the leit motif of the week.

But at least I’m not sick, so the home keeps rolling on, the red buckets have been strategically placed, I am blessed with a cast iron stomach.

I didn’t watch any news today. Does the word ‘doublespeak’ ring any bells with anyone else ? I don’t know where I picked that word up, but the double-speak I am hearing is getting on my nerves. I wonder if they have had special classes, you know ” Never refer to this as a War. Use the word ‘liberation’ instead’.

I don’t like cloudy language, I will never say that someone has ‘passed on’. They died. Clear language. I miss clear language in this war, this invasion.

In fact, I am almost thinking of making a list of the euphemisms I am hearing.

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